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December 19th, 2012, 09:37 PM
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Originally Posted by swaddlestar View Post
So after my practice run to L&D on Thursday, I had a pretty calm Friday…still had contractions, but not really close together. I was pretty confident that bub would stay in there over the weekend and let me get a few more things done around the house.
Cue Saturday morning. The big item on our list was that DD was going to be in our neighboring city’s Christmas Parade that morning. She was so excited because she would be riding on a float with my mom and tossing out candy.

Saturday morning 7AM: I woke up to contractions 2-3 apart again. I started on my gallon of water right away as we got her dressed and out the door with grandma. It became pretty clear that the water was not helping and these ctx were stronger. DH & I decided that since we had to get over the highway before they closed it for the parade, that we would park near the hospital wait till DD’s float went by and then take off after waving at her. So here is how that went…

10AM: We set up our lawn chairs by the road and waited for the parade to come by. Luckily, the float she was on was the 3rd in the parade. We waved, blew kisses and then took off for the hospital which was less than a few blocks away.

10:30AM: Check in to hospital. Get evaluated and sigh…only 2 cm. No change from Thursday. They decide to monitor me for a bit and see if there is any change as I was having real ctx 2-3 apart.

1:30PM: After being monitored there is still no change- still 2 CM, and I was discharged. Before I left though the nurse predicted that I may end up back there within the evening. She told DH to watch for “signs of transition”. The ctx may get stronger and she told him that I may become overly agitated with him or seem disoriented- if these happen to come back to the hospital. I was a bit disappointed but figured the more I labored at home, the more comfortable I’d probably be.

2:00PM: Got home, ate a little bit and kept trying to get more water in my system. I was sick of water. The cramping sensation got worse and I decided a hot shower may help. Once I got in there though the ctx got harder and I actually started having to moan to get through them. After the shower I tried to lie on my side in bed. DH held my hand and timed them. Some began to show up less than 2 minutes apart.

3:30PM: Felt so much worse. DH held me thru one of them and I tried to bite down on his arm. That was it- transition! He walked me to the car and off we went again.

4:00PM: Back in the same room, same nurse, ctx now a minute apart. They called my OB and hooked me back up to the monitor. When they checked me nothing could have prepared me for what they said. 8 CM!! I panicked… I knew I was too late for an epidural and that we were going to have this baby, who was measuring weeks ahead and was possibly huge, tonight!

4:45PM: My ob showed up and broke my water. I was 9 cm with just a tiny bit of cervix left. After they got my IV started she told me that they could give me a moderate painkiller (Fentanyl) that would just take the edge off. I got it and felt a little dizzy and sweaty. I started feeling the urge to push but was told to hold off just a while longer.

5:30PM: Checked again and was told that I was 10CM. I got a bit weepy and started to doubt my ability to do it. I was so tired from all the ctx that I was scared I wouldn’t have the strength left to push him out and that he would get stuck. I was terrified of the pain and what I was about to feel. The nurse & DH were great and brought my focus back to breathing and what I was doing and I felt more positive.

5:45PM: Got into position to push and gave it all I had. Within 2 pushes they told me I was doing great and that I’d really brought him down quick. The next push my DH was so excited, “I see the head honey!!” That really was the kicker for me…I pushed with all my might and got his head out. He was so long that it took two more pushes to get the rest of him out. I tore naturally but that was what I had hoped for- I did not want an episiotomy like last time.

5:54PM: They laid Elijah on my chest and had to rub him a lot to get him to cry. He looked a bit purple but within a minute I heard this small squeaky cry. I kissed him but of course since he was early they had to take him to the NICU right away to get him checked out. I sent DH with him while I delivered the placenta and got stitched up. He weighed 7 lbs 14 oz and was 20.5 inches long.

7:30PM: After I got cleaned up I was able to be wheeled down to the NICU to hold him. He had to have some oxygen the first hour but that was all. By the time I got in there, the family (my parents, in-laws, my grandma, my brother, and DD) had shown up. They got to see him thru the window and one at a time they could come in and look at him and touch him while I held him. Of course DD could not go in the NICU- she had to wait till the next day when he was in our room to hold him.

10:00PM: He was well enough to come into our room for a while so we could feed him and bond. They took him out a few times for tests which gave us both a chance to sleep. He was an angel all night. Ate well and fell back asleep right after we burped and changed him.
So all and all I think I had a great experience. If I compare the two births, I’ve actually had a much better time after this one without the epidural. I was able to push easier I think and the recovery has been much, much easier. All I’ve asked for is Motrin for minor pain. If you have any questions on all the nitty gritty stuff please ask…I don’t mind answering.
I’m so happy that I was able to escape my fears about the pain. I’m still kinda dumbfounded that I did it because I’m such a wimp about pain. And I have to just say how much I love my DH for being so wonderful thru my pain. There were times when he had to turn away and try not to cry because of how much pain he saw on my face. And then watching him with his son is just such a beautiful thing- he’s so in love already and it shows. And his sister- well you’ve seen the pics of her reaction to him! My heart is just bursting with love for all of them.
I can’t wait to get my whole little family home and just be together. I feel so overwhelmingly blessed!
Wow! Congratulations!!! So happy to hear everything went well and the baby and you are doing great. That's awesome, thanks for sharing

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