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December 20th, 2012, 12:08 AM
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So FMU is pointless I think with me because I wake up a million times a night to pee. Well I held my pee for about 3 hours, and decided to try. This morning I tested with Answer brand but it looked gray (although this afternoon it had turned pink, but I hear they can do that). This one (done about an hour ago with pics taken about 5-10 minutes after) def looked pink to me, but it's a squinter (I also have no good lights in my house!). Thoughts?

I have a regular and an inverted picture. I believed I O'd somewhere around December 7-10. DH and I DTD on early morning 9th, so right now I'd be a smidge before 12 days since the BD.

Sore breasts/nipples, exhausted, some brown discharge for the past 2 days but only when I wipe, heartburn like a crazy woman...
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Am I crazy and seeing things? Thanks!
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