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December 20th, 2012, 03:14 AM
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Lmao at the sore comment hun oh how iv been there.funny dh and I were talking last night about timing .last time I fell pregnant we were bd 3 times a day .as we were wking together made it easy lol . And was I sore that mth ! ! Did the trick the . Same pregnancy didn't stay put . Iv now got some per seed lub .

As to cervix go on web and see how to do it . Its easy once you know what your checking for.iv just started doing this .also some bd positions can hurt a bit at some times during the mth.this is because your cervix is low and ready for those swimmers .where other times in the mth it don't hurt as cervix is high and closed .

It sounds to me with cream that your getting ready to o .once you get the egg white go for it lol

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