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December 20th, 2012, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by BeckyBozeman View Post
I had my baby on the 13th and unfortunately everything ended up working out in such a way that I got exactly what I didn't want. Plus baby is having breathing problems and we haven't been able to have her with us. I'm just trying to stay positive and concentrate on getting us both healthy and home... here's what I posted in my DDC -

(I went in for my 41 week appointment with the midwife and my bp was elevated so we immediately went to the hospital for an OB consult.)

Regan Page was born at about 6:30 Thursday morning. My induction started Tuesday at 1:00 pm. We did cervadil first and that got my body contracting, but they petered out. About 5:00 pm on Wednesday we started Pitocin. That kicked things up. But I still didn't progress very fast. We weren't too worried about it because baby was handling it all just fine and my water hadn't broken. We decided to break my water and there was meconium. When I hit 5 cm and 60% effaced my body wanted to start pushing. That would then make Regan's heartrate dip. So at that point we decided that it would be best if I got an epidural. The anesthesiologist came and put in my epidural and it was great for about an hour. Then I was feeling everything again. So I got a second epidural. That one worked better, but after being on it and increased pit for a few more hours, we discovered that my body had stalled at 9cm. I was so frustrated that that point! 35 hours of unmedicated labor and 5 with the epidural, only to be told that it wasn't going to happen!

So the doctor was sure that at this point my uterus was so tired that there wasn't any point in trying any further. DH and midwife and I talked about it and we just couldn't see any other course of action working as well to get her here safe. So c-section it was. The rolled me into the OR and she was here before we knew it. But almost immediately they knew there was a problem and they'd taken her to the nursery. She was not breathing right and they've been working on it ever since. So I'm in a room down the hall with DH and she's in the nursery. I got to really hold her for the first time this morning and got our first go at BFing tonight. I have been pumping so hopefully my milk will still come in with no problem. It's been really hard. But she's improving. They say that once her respiratory rate gets down they'll be able to let her go. But she has to have oxygen right now...

So... here's a picture of my little Regan Page!

I'm sorry you didn't get the birth you planned for but I'm glad she's here safe and I hope for a speedy recovery for both of yall.
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