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December 20th, 2012, 11:44 AM
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I made an appointment today for a persistent cough (been going on for 3 weeks now). 5 minutes after making the appointment I get a call from the doctor's asking if I could come in to talk to my midwife. I tell them that i"m already coming in. Now I was very nervous. I had done the Quad blood test and I had an appointment for next week. So I knew already that it couldn't be good news.

Well, I see the first doctor and find out that I've been walking around with bronchitis - wheeeee! Have to do the inhaler all that. Then my midwife walks in

She said that the results were in and that the numbers show a significant increased risk of my baby having Down's. I knew enough to know that an increased risk does not mean "has Down's". She told me my options and I said that I would not do an amniocentesis. Thankfully there is another option in the form of another blood test. So now I have to make an appointment for that.

I'm trying to not freak out. I know that false positives happen and that due to the uncertainty of my LMP it is likely that there was just a testing error. I told the midwife that I won't begin to panic or plan anything until I know the results of that blood test. If that one comes back positive as well then we'll have a much longer conversation.

I'm not too keen on the idea of termination. I am a pro-life person but I also respect the rights of families to decide if a particular disability (something that is significant, not necessarily just lifestyle changes) is something that they can handle. I would always advocate for the continuance of the pregnancy but let's face it; if you knew your kid would be born with that chromosomal disease that makes their skin fall off at the slightest touch you would at least consider it.

We're not going to tell any family or friends until we know the results of the new blood test. I just don't want to deal with their drama, lol.

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