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December 20th, 2012, 12:02 PM
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honestly he may not be ready. I have a 3yr old who just potty trained this fall so he was closer to 3.5 yrs. I tried forever to get him interested in it. We bought him a potty chair and set it in the bathroom probably between 18mo and 2 years old. He would use it occasionally but not consistently. Then we started working with him on at least sitting on it and going before getting in the bathtub. Seemed to work and he would go potty on his own while I was running his bath. We didn't have any really good progress with potty training for quite a while, i would say almost a year. I was determined to have him potty trained this past summer and tried everything. hid the diapers, gave him undies only, let him run around bottomless, bribing him with candy, etc. He just wasn't interested.

Then in August it finally clicked with him at going potty on the toilet. Pooping was a whole other story. We finally decided to try another bribe, something we knew he wanted. He's into Thomas the Train and loves Percy but he'd never gotten a Percy train so we bought one and took a pic of it, put the train up in the closet, and taped the pics next to the toilets so every time he went he had a reminder and he'd always say "I want to play with Percy" and we'd remind him that when he pooped in the toilet he would get Percy to play with. It took probably 2.5-3 weeks before he gathered the courage and pooped on the toilet. We made a huge deal out of it and he got his train. We had a few poop accidents after that but i think the feeling of having dirty undies finally got to him, he was really good at coming up to us and telling us he pooped his undies, and he eventually started pooping in the toilet and the frequency of accidents dwindled and I can't remember for sure, but I think we've been accident-free (both poop and pee) since October. It just took him being ready to do it himself because no amount of prodding from me or daddy was getting the job done.

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