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December 20th, 2012, 12:04 PM
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Hang in there, I know it is scary.

Something interesting the genetic counselor told me is that using the mother's age to determine odds results in a lot of false alarms and is an antiquated way of determining risks for downs. All they do on the quad screen is look for certain hormone levels, some high and some low. A lot of things can impact those levels, including being off on dates. Did she say what the risks were?

My sisters dear friend came back with a 1:40 chance of having downs. An amnio confirmed no Down's. She did have Pre-E which may have impacted the results.

My guess is the test they want to do is Matrni21 or Harmony. It pulls the baby's DNA from your blood and checks the chromosomes. For down's - it is about 99% accurate. Other Trisomy's it is a little less 95% but it is because they are much rarer.

Big hugs. We are here for you in the meantime.

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