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December 20th, 2012, 01:54 PM
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I really try to be optimistic and cheerful.. Rarely have things to complain about. But here is why I am upset:

We JUST found out yesterday about our new little baby being a little boy and ALREADY I have gotten some really disappointing reactions. It really hurts me. After seeing him and picking his name, I am so protective of him and I feel like my family isn't excited for me anymore since its another boy.

I will admit, it was disheartening at first. Alex really wanted a baby girl, and so did I. I get tired of looking at boy clothes and Gabriel has been a nightmare child recently. Jocelyn is from a previous relationship and Alex always wanted a daughter of his own. And Jocelyn is the only granddaughter on either sides of our family. There will no be 7 boys. We were thinking this would be our last baby because of the risks of multiple c-sections (this will be my 3rd) and I have MS and cant be on therapy while pregnant...

But when I sent out the text about it being a boy, these were the reactions:

"Well, I will just have to love him anyway."--My mom. And she is not a sarcastic, joking type person. And NOTHING ELSE. And I talk to my mom several times a day. We are really close. She didn't even say congrats, or call me like usual.

"I wanted a little girl, but not a granddaughter that is across the country from me." --Alex's mom. (it made me feel like she isnt as disappointed about being so far away from a grandson)

"It is okay, it isn't your fault."--Alex's dad. (I didn't say anything about fault. Just literally said "It's a little boy!"

"We were wrong. I guess we don't have to go shopping together anymore"--My sister (made me feel like this baby doesn't need anything or deserve anything, so why waste the effort).

I am truly devastated. I was so thrilled to just have the opportunity to mother one more little angel on earth and I feel like no one is excited for me anymore....
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