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December 20th, 2012, 04:35 PM
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34w3d - Little trip to L&D
Well, I'm home from my 8am appointment, at 330pm. It's been a long day.

Home from the hospital. I am exhausted. Last night, I got very little sleep...woke up to the most horrid acid reflux I've ever had (and I have it daily/nightly). I was up for about 3 hours trying to stop it. Between that and the potty breaks, I got VERY little sleep. Finally, I fell asleep from about 6-630, but then I had to get up for the doctor!

We left for the doctor at 720, got there at 8, had the u/s, everything looked perfect. Scooter is still measuring big, but only by just over a week now, vs the 2 weeks he has been. Everything looks great. AFI was great.

NST seemed good, but then the hot doctor (yes, the hot doctor), came in and told me he wanted me to go to triage to be monitored for an hour because of one blip. He said himself it was probably nothing, but can never be too safe.

I still had to go to my regular OB appointment first, at his recommendation. So I did that, after waiting nearly an hour. (At this point, it's about 1145, and I had been there since 8). Met a new doc, mine was off today, and he was awesome, too. Everything was looking right, my belly is measuring right on target.

Off I go to triage. I got all hooked up, things were seemingly ok. The nurse said I was having a bunch of mini, itty uterine blips, like contractions, but more just an irritated uterus, which could be for a number of reasons, none of them alarming. Scooter was doing wonderfully on the monitor. She suggested I eat and have some water, since it was about 145 and I hadn't eaten or drank but a bit of water all day. (By this time, I've normally had a full breakfast and lunch). She had me empty my bladder, then brought me some water and a ham n cheese sangy. (Best ham & cheese sangy I've had in a while! heehee).

She said that almost immediately after I went potty, and started drinking water, things looked better. She wanted to run it by the high risk doctor on call anyway, to be sure (she is part of the practice I see). The doc said I could go home, since I was scheduled for a repeat NST tomorrow morning anyway.

So I got out of there, got myself a large vanilla malt, and now am home. I want to take a nap so badly, and just might. Our contractor is supposed to be coming by, but he has a key, and can let himself in if need be.

Tomorrow, I go back for repeat NST in the morning. Then again on Monday, and Thursday, plus OB on Wed. Ya, basically I'm going in 3x a week until Scooter arrives. Fun times.

I can tell you for future reference, I had crap signal at the hospital though!

Ok, off to nap. x

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