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December 21st, 2012, 07:22 AM
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Hi! And welcome!

I hope you find this board helpful with lots of information. Be sure to check out the stickies with articles and helpful information. The birth stories might also be beneficial for you to read, because lots of women here, including myself have had wonderful and successful NCB's in the hospital. I was able to help my SIL have a NCB in a rural hospital, which was super hard because they only had 3 L&D rooms. It meant we had to leave the hospital when she stalled at 5cm, to come back the next morning to have the baby. Rural hospitals have their challenges, but one thing I experienced at that hospital was sincere kindness and a willingness to work with us (very much unlike many of the hospitals that I work with in the burbs with a high turnover rate).

You might want to check out DONA International – Welcome! Doula Match - Find a Doula for your due date and area Welcome to Find a Doula and websites like that to see if there is a doula in your area. Doulas are great at navigating your birth options. They also might know of a homebirth midwife in your area since it sounds like you are very interested in that.

I'd also highly recommend checking out an out of hospital birthing class like Bradley, Hypnobirthing, or Hypnobabies. These classes are a great support as well as help equip you with knowledge and resources for your birth as well.
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