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December 21st, 2012, 07:45 AM
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Oh my what a LONG day. Glad everything was okay. On my second NST, I also had a little blip and I was having a couple of contractions that I didnt even feel. My doctor just kept me hooked up to the monitor for another 45 minutes to make sure things were okay, but it totally freaked me out! My doctor explained that with active babies, sounds like Scooter fits that description!, they can sometimes bump or pinch the cord with a kick or a punch or something. They just like to monitor for a while to make sure the baby reacts ok and does what its supposed to, but wow it sure scares mommy!

Sorry you had bad reception in L&D. Hopefully in the delivery rooms and post partum rooms, if they are different, you will get better reception.

Good luck at your NST today! Tell Scooter to stop playing with his cord

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