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December 21st, 2012, 09:17 AM
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The last week is a little blurry... we're still at the hospital. This will be our 11th day since we started the induction. I'm healing up pretty well. It's been nice to be on boarder status at the hospital so I have all my prescriptions and don't get bugged while I'm sleeping. We have a room with a double bed so DH can stay with me (much better than the fold out chair they had him in while I was still in a surgical bed!) and a little fridge so we can keep snacks, etc. My incision seems to be healing well, my bp is being managed by the meds they have me on, my bleeding is pretty reasonable and the narcotics have me so backed up that (TMI) my first two bowel movements were pretty hellish. I'm on colace, metamucil and prune juice and I'm still dreading the next one!

Regan is doing pretty well. She's finished her antibiotics. Most of her monitors and stuff have been taken off. The xrays of her poor little lungs show that she's continuing to improve and most, if not all, of the fluid is gone. She's breastfeeding great, but last night she about killed me because she'd nurse for about an hour and a half and then sleep for two and we'd start all over again. Which I'm sure is pretty normal, but it's extra fun when you have to leave to go to bed, then get a phone call to go back to the nursery not long after you get to sleep! The nurses have been great though and they've been calling us when she wakes up and is hungry so that we're following her schedule, rather than just feeding her every three hours. My milk lets down when I see her and she's got a great latch so there's at least one area that's been pretty easy for us.

The issue we're still having with her is her oxygen. She still has a nasal cannula that is feeding her oxygen and they've been trying to wean her off of it. But everytime they get below about a 50% mix she starts having saturation problems when she's asleep or really relaxed. So she's not getting much help, but what she's getting appears to be very necessary. She doesn't look or act like a sick baby. In fact she's back up to 8 pounds 9 ounces and seems to be growing like crazy the last few days.

And she's still ridiculously pretty and we couldn't be crazier about her. We just want to get her home!


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