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December 21st, 2012, 09:38 AM
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34w4d - Another NST.
Yep, back to the doctor for a repeat NST today. Not shocking, given yesterday's results. I have to go 2x a week anyway, but this week, it's just shoved into a tighter window.

Last night, I slept for almost 11 hours..and boy did I need that!

Now, don't get me wrong, I didn't sleep 12 hours without waking up, but I went to bed at 8pm, and woke up at 7. After my long day yesterday, apparently DH's boss sent him home from work right after his important meeting ended, so he got home at 430! (Normally, he's a 630-7 kinda guy). He made me lay down. So I did. I went to bed, we chatted a bit about the day, then the contractor showed up. DH said he'd take care of dinner, and I took a short nap for an hour. Woke up about 645, went downstairs to eat dinner, and immediately felt yucky again. So, he sent me to bed at 8.

I feel ok this morning, still really tired, but better than yesterday. Getting ready to head to my NST, and hoping that today's is better than yesterday's.

I have a TON of wrapping of gifts to do today, and my entire family arrives tomorrow!

The good news is, the contractor finished the bathroom remodel last night! There are still some other things he has to finish, but those are not important before Christmas, as long as they are done before Scooter.

I really wanted to get a mani/pedi today, but we will see if that happens. I have a very strong feeling my place will be super busy, since it's right before the holidays, so I'll just have to see.

I got the last part of Scooters NB coming home outfit yesterday! So perfect, so cute. Not the exact one I wanted, but since the one I did want wasn't made in NB size, I settled for this. (saved me a pretty penny too). Just waiting on his 0-3 coming home outfit's in transit, and should be here on Monday.

One thing I realized, yesterday, sitting in triage, is that if I had been admitted for some reason and wasn't able to come home, that I was pretty comfortable with everything here being mostly ready, except my hospital bag/diaper bag aren't packed! I need to get on that right after the fam leaves next week. Once that is done, I'll feel better. Should probably think about having the car seat installed and checked out too. Our PD does it free of charge, but we have to make an appointment. I think we'll do that the weekend after Christmas.

Yesterday, I also made all my remaining appointments. Two pages printed out worth. I am basically going 3x a week - 2x for NSTs/AFIs/BPPs, and once for OB checks. Because of when the NSTs need to be, and when clinic hours are, we aren't able to get them on the same days, so that kinda stinks.

What really stinks is that I have to go on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve for NSTs. Since the office is closed both days, I have to do them at the hospital, which is no big deal, but I am at their mercy as to what time I go in. They are to call me today and tell me my times. The alternative was to go on Christmas Day and New Years Day, so I guess the "eves" are a little better", since there is less activity around here. Oh well, it's only a couple hours out of the day, and nobody cares/everyone understands.

This is all getting very real to me. I never rest, I never stop "go-go-going". But yesterday make me sit up and take notice. The fact that I completely reorganized and deep cleaned my entire kitchen the day before probably didn't help things. DH is adamant that I rest more. Last night, I didn't fight him. I took a nap, I went to bed early. Today, though I have a lot to do, if I feel like a nap is needed, I will take one. Even if I just sit in the nursery with book for a bit.

My entire family arrives tomorrow afternoon. We will get up early, get breakfast, get all the Christmas dinner grocery shopping done, and then come home and get the rest of the house organized. There are a few "this and that's" that I would like done before everyone arrives, but if they don't get done, no biggie. My big thing is getting the gifts wrapped and the house somewhat Munch-proof (outlet plugs, gates by the stairs, etc). I still haven't gotten my brother anything for Christmas (I've chosen it, but need to order it - crikey). There are still a few gifts that haven't arrived yet either, nothing like last minute shopping!

Today, after my NST, I plan to go to the mall to return a few things I ordered for Scooter that I decided I don't need, and stop at Target for a few necessities (out of conditioner ) Then maybe a mani/pedi if they/I have time. The maids are coming today so that will take care of cleaning the house and changing the sheets on the beds, thank goodness. One less thing for me to do. I still really need to make a blanket for my 70 year old neighbor who is just finishing up her 6th round of chemo, but I just don't think that will happen this weekend. Why do I sign up for these things??

Ok, enough of rambling. Scooter is doing well this morning, rolling around like normal. Hopefully he liked his oatmeal breakfast, and will do well for the doctor in an hour. That being said, I must run.

Happy Friday all!


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