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December 21st, 2012, 10:38 AM
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Hey ladies! I need your experience, observations and advise on the various childbirth classes available. I'm now 20 weeks pregnant and have not even looked into these much but need to make a move quickly as I know a lot of classes are 12 weeks or longer with limited availability.

This will be my first NCB and I'm very interested in the Bradley, Hypnobirthing and Hypnobabies classes as I've heard rave reviews about these three lately. However I'm still getting very mixed information on how these clases generally are as I'm trying to pick which to go with. I know some of you have rave of the Hypnobabies, but then my midwife suggested this is a class more geared for women who are very easy going and easily directed so to speak? Easy going is simply not how I am. So now I'm confused and thinking maybe that's not the one for me? I'm most interested in a class that teaches DH and I the stages of labor and what's happening so we're more educated and less scared as well as getting tons of advise on techniques or positions to help easy labor pains and work through contractions.

I need some help quick. Can anyone give me a brief overview or rundown or any or all of these methods? I'd love to get some more advise on these to pick the classes best suited for me.

Expecting #3 in January 2016!

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