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December 21st, 2012, 12:13 PM
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You may luck out being in a smaller area that if they don't have such a high client rate then they are less likely to induce and force you out mentality. They may be more likely to let you just labor.

I gave birth in a birth center so I'm not completely a pro at this but I do know what a lot of our local hospitals do. At least the one I was set to deliver in. If you have the resources to get a Doula, GET ONE! Especially if delivering in a hospital. She can be your advocate and help communicate your wants and desires, should carry a copy of your birth plan, while you're busy laboring and focusing elsewhere. Have a great support team around you who cherishes your wishes. You don't need many. Just a close nit team. My doula and husband along with my grandmother were these people for me.

We did NOT tell too many people our intentions of having a NCB and frankly you may want to consider this. If you find most won't be receptive it's best not to hear the negative comments. They will share them even if they have NO clue what they're talking about. We told a few and as soon as I realized we were not supported in our decision we shut up quick. I figured it be best to inform once I did it and had proven I could versus trying to defend something I hadn't experienced and everyone was saying, "Don't worry, you'll want that epidural." They had me so terrified I would doubt my abilities.

I read birth story after birth story. Now, take these as encouraging words that other women have walked this path before you. Don't imagine that your labor will be just like theirs. I apparently didn't read any or very little of them with women who had horrible back labor so I just assumed this wasn't going to happen to me (it did). I kind of got tunnel vision from them. Many women write their stories when they are experiencing their birth high lol. You feel like super woman after giving birth so your recollection is slightly bias. I've written two now. One was 1 week PP and the other is 9 months PP. The tone and information I delivered in the two paint a different picture. Something to look for when reading.

We did a NCB birthing class which helped us prepare mentally for it, especially as new parents. Did it teach us anything life changing? No, but it helped us focus on what was to come.

Sorry I just wrote a Novel lol.
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