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December 21st, 2012, 12:55 PM
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Well, today I went to the hospital to get the blood test. When I tried to schedule it over the phone the scheduling people said that I could just walk in. So big surprise when I walked in and was told that I'm in the wrong office. I go to the correct office and the receptionist said "We only do those with an appointment".

Anyone who has ever driven in Cincinnati knows how pissed off I was at that point, lol.

She gave me the number again for the scheduling department but when I told her that I could only give them the same info and will most assuredly get directed to the same office, she decided to make the call with me. About 1 minute into it it was clear the scheduling people had no idea what to do with me. The receptionist actually had to pull out coding books to help them figure it out! I was really glad that I made the receptionist so impatient to get rid of me that she made the call, lol. It spared me a lot of grief on the phone.

My blood work test and ultrasound will be on the 28th. I'm glad for the ultrasound

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