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December 21st, 2012, 01:13 PM
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First of all - HI! Welcome to the board! So glad you've found this wonderful group of ladies!

I second everything the other ladies mentioned. Look into hiring a doula, take an out of hospital birthing class, and surround yourself with positive birth stories; here, from books, website, etc.. I totally agree with avoiding confrontational conversations with non-supportive friends/family. They just aren't worth it! If you do find yourself caught talking to a negative person (sometimes they're hard to avoid), feel free to say "If you can't support my decisions, we just wont talk about this anymore" end of story and change the subject. If they don't listen and keep talking, just pretend like you don't hear them and keep asking about the weather or food; "I just went to this great restaurant the other day! Have you ever been?"

I too have had a natural intervention free hospital birth in a rural area. It was a very positive experience for me, and with the right care givers and support system, totally doable

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