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December 21st, 2012, 08:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Pinkapple View Post
Thank you! I'm happy to report that we've spent the recent few days paying more attention to her and taking her out, and we even took her out for a treat to Petsmart. She really enjoyed the time with us and has had no chewing problems as of late, hoping things stay this way!
I'm really glad to read this! I've had two pits and their jaws can be devastating to all sorts of things! One was highly neglected before he came to us, and so had simply formed a habit of chewing on everything because he had nothing else to do when they kept him locked away 24/7. My other was prone to separation anxiety and would act out in such ways when we left. It doesn't sound silly at all to me that she is acting out because she feels she isn't receiving enough attention. Some dogs truly will! Of course she could need more stimulation and exercise, as well. Pits are smart dogs and they do need to be kept busy and worn out. Good luck!

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