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December 23rd, 2012, 01:33 PM
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Originally Posted by bellasky View Post
First of all, she is a first year teacher and still learning. Second of all she gives the kids scheduled bathroom breaks. She is teaching them that there are times to go and times to wait. Yes, sometimes we need to go urgently and should get the chance, but these kids need to learn how to follow schedules. I think she should discontinue the using Boyd Bucks as a way of going to the bathroom for 2nd graders but still have a talk with children about taking breaks when they are scheduled so that they don't miss class time.

My sixth graders have to use a key to go to the bathroom. They start out the nine-weeks with 6 keys to be used to go to lockers for forgotten books or homework, to call home about forgotten things, or to go to the bathroom during one of our unscheduled times. It teaches them responsibility.
I don't pee on a schedule. it's just insane to expect a small child to do so. I go when I have to, which is the healthy thing to do.
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