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December 24th, 2012, 08:36 PM
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This is my first post so pardon any mistakes. My husband and I haven't been actively trying to conceive because he's in the Navy and still trying to get through flight school, and it's just not a great time. We haven't exactly been preventing though either. We haven't used any birth control other than try he pull out method. For the past few weeks I have felt increasingly tired. My breasts have become pretty tender, and they never are. Not even before AF. I was due for my period six days ago, and I am NEVER more than a day late. I know I can't really say I'm "late" if I haven't been charting or anything, but this is still incredibly abnormal for me. I have been getting awful headaches for weeks and have gone through periodic bouts of nausea. It isn't so much an I'm going to puke feeling as it is a queasy upset stomach feeling. I just feel off. I tested using an Equate pregnancy test three days after AF was due and BFN, and then I tested last night at 5 days past with another Equate and a Clearblue digital and BFN, and then again with another Equate, same thing. I felt pretty certain I wasn't pregnant. And today at work I had awful stomach and back pain similar to AF cramps, and when I got home there was blood. I thought I started my period. But it has been four hours and there's only a little silver dollar sized amount of blood on the pad. My flow is always heavy the second I start. Could this be implantation bleeding, even this late? Could I be pregnant and the tests just don't pick it up because implantation hadn't occurred yet? I'm so confused with all of this, and dealing with it by myself since DH is gone for the month because of the Navy. I don't know what to do now. Help girls!!
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