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December 24th, 2012, 10:38 PM
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Thank you Sonica!

Well it's official, I have crosshairs! And it seems my hypothesis is correct. In relation to my coverline I have high pre-O temps the cycle after an anovulatory one. Or at least one where I took provera, but I think being anovulatory would have more of an effect that provera would. I wasn't sure if I ovulated last cycle or not but now I'm definitely thinking I didn't. Here is my chart overlay so you can see what I mean. The blue and green lines are for cycles following an anovulatory one, and the purple line is the cycle after the green one which was ovulatory. This cycle, the blue one, much more resembles the green one than the purple. I hope we caught our egg and I won't be charting again for a long time, but if we didn't I'm curious to see what next cycle's temps would be like. My guess is they will be closer to the purple one.

Oh and I know it's early, but I've already started looking at the charts like yours gallery. My findings aren't very optimistic. If I check ovulation day, intercourse pattern, and post-o temps there are only three charts. Two are BFNs and one is a miscarriage. If I just do post-o temps and BD pattern there are quite a few charts, but only 20% are BFPs. 4% are miscarriages and 74% are BFNs. Obviously I was hoping for a better BFP chance but I can't really complain since this matches the 20% chance in any given cycle statistic.

I was going to hold off on using progesterone until I got a BFP and I noticed my temps go down, but now I'm thinking it might be a good idea to use it just in case. Or maybe if my temps drop whether I've gotten a BFP or not. I didn't want to risk lengthening my LP before when AF was due closer to our cruise. Now I've got an extra three days to work with so even if I lengthened it a little for no good reason I still probably wouldn't have AF on our cruise. I think the slight chance of having AF for the first day or two of our cruise might be better than risking another loss. But I don't even know for certain if progesterone was my problem last time.

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