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December 25th, 2012, 09:35 PM
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I spoke briefly with one of my aunts today. She asked me how I was and then in the same sentence mentioned that my cousin Bre was currently experiencing her 4th miscarriage. Quick back story: My cousin was 17 when she got pregnant the first time, but everyone wanted it including her and her boyfriend. They found out the baby had Potter's syndrome, which is where the kidneys won't function outside the womb or are simply not present at all. They decided not to terminate and she carried the baby to term. Had a normal birth and the baby lived about 18 hours. Well, for a while she became depressed and nearly divorced her now husband, but they made it through. She's around 22 now, I believe and they are apparently trying again and she is on her 4th miscarriage. I couldn't bring myself to sound happy about my pregnancy when as far as I know this is my first pregnancy. I possibly had a chemical years ago, but I'll never know for sure. She's 12 weeks and miscarrying and the doctors don't know why it keeps happening. I just feel heartbroken for her and feel bad about having a healthy pregnancy so far when they've been trying all this time. Just wanted to ask for a few extra prayers for her and her family.

Thanks for listening ladies!

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