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December 26th, 2012, 11:16 PM
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Originally Posted by divermom View Post
I hate to say this ladies and I had no idea. but the girl I posted about was a fake yes it was all fake.some of the girls from my group just told me she faked her pregnacy alone with the death of her son.. i feel so sick to my stomach that I felt so bad for her and it wasnt even real. sorry ladies.
omg why do ppl do that kind of thing apart from wanting attention that is , she must be very sick in the mind to tell such lies !!!!!!!!!!! losing a child has to beone of the hardist things in the world to cope with let alone lie about ,

karma has a funny way of coming back on people like that in some way in years to come .i just hope she sees a doctor to get some kind of help for her mind ,

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