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December 26th, 2012, 11:39 PM
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I'm 4dp my boobs been hurting from o time .I can't even lay on my belly cause the girls hurt .also yesterday had sharp pains on and off all day on right side of belly .I o from the right this mth too. That's a new one for me . No other signs of pregnancy or af as of yet .

I now have dh looking at my temp charts . Poor sod I know I'm gonna drive him mad these next few weeks . As far as his head goes we bd at right time my temps looking good .so his mega positive .which is great but if I'm not there will be 2 of us very upset . A case of who is picking who up .

How about you ladies how many dpo are you ?

What signs are you having .for pregnancy or af .?

As signs are so nearly the same for both let's see if we can list and see what happens .

Also how does dh cope with you in the 2 week wait ?

I am 39 and DH is 40, we have 5 kids

George 15

Lexie 14

Lenny 11

Billy 7

Ellie 3

Trying for number 6 but will be number one with DH

DH Kids

Andrew 20

Holly 18

Amelia 4

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