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December 27th, 2012, 03:00 PM
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Yes, I love using family names. It just gives more depth to the name for me, so each of my kids have a family name somewhere in their names and always will.

Gabriel's middle name is James which is a family name on both sides. James is my FIL's full name and it is my grandmother's maiden name (which is why it also became my brother's middle name).

This baby will be named Roman. The Ro- portion of the name comes from both sides of our family as well. My great grandmother's maiden name was Roe and DH's grandfather's first name is Ronell (pronounced Roe-nell). My mom is already referring to him by "Roe"

If we ever have a girl her name will be Charlotte which is a combination of family name on my dad's side. Charlotte is the feminine version of the name Charles which is my father's full first name and all of my uncle's first names. Charles was also the full first name of my brother who passed away. And a NN for Charlotte is Lottie which was my great grandmother's first name. It's very special to me so I hope I get to use it one day.
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