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December 27th, 2012, 07:41 PM
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cd24 11-12 dpo
Well I did something I said I wasn't goin to do I tested with a digi and I sat there on the toilet watching the hour glass blink I knew those dreaded words was goin to brace the screen. With every blink I was counting down the words not pregnant. I only tested because I wanted to know before dh went to work tomorrow. Im not planning on testing again til I am actually 14 dpo and then stop the progesterone. Im not mad but kind of disappointed. I guess I need to figure out what is wrong with me first with the diabetes and the thyroid issues. Im sure once I get those things under control I can then have my baby. dh is walking round like a mummy cuz he is leaving tomorrow and don't want to go. I cant blame him. I don't want him to leave either but I know this is best for our family and I am sure he knows this too I just wish he coujld come home after his shift. This will be our first new years eve not to together so that will suck to celebrate it without him. I was hoping that I was preg;nant then and it would be like having a piece of him with me on this day. oh well on to the next cycle and I pray that by then I have things figured out bout helath things by then. ttyl

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