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December 28th, 2012, 10:35 AM
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Hi all, I wanted to make this questionaire for ladies who got their BFPs recently. We can also make this a sticky (Admins? is this okay?) and as we get our BFPs we can all fill this out so that it can help those who are TTC.
  1. What number are you TTC (First,second etc.)?
  2. How many cycles of active TTC before you got this BFP?
  3. Did you temp, use OPKs, check CM, chart?
  4. Did you ovulate regularly?
  5. What was your strategy? OR What did you do differently this cycle?OR what is the one thing or cobination of things that you think directly contributed to this BFP?
  6. Did you take a suplements, herbals? Special diet?
  7. What did your DH do to 'help'?
  8. Any other words of wisdom for those who are TTC?
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