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December 28th, 2012, 11:49 AM
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Yesterday was quite the eventful day. DH and I talked about me going off of the pill and just do the pull and pray method. My hormones have been pretty crazy I contribute some of that craziness to being on the pill. So I stopped taking it. I don't really know how ovulation works when you are on a bc pill but according to online ovulation trackers I should be ovulating right about now or in the next 3 days. Well DH and I dtd but somehow in the middle of it we both agreed to throw the pull and pray method out the window and JUST PRAY! Not such a great idea and now I am stressing out about it... As much as I want a baby right now it's still too soon too get pregnant again and I may have just made a bit of a not very well thought out 'oopsie'. We discussed it and are going to do the pull and pray method NOW but it may be too late, we shall see what happens.

THEN yesterday when it got dark out I got in a car accident.
There was a car in front of me and just enough space for a dickhead to change lanes and cut me off. The car that was in front of both me and the dickhead noticed a police officer parked at a gas station coming up and pressed his breaks. It apparently scared the guy that was cutting me off and caused him to SLAM his breaks... I slammed mine too and hit the back of the car that had cut me off. We pulled over into the gas station and talked to the police officer and he says he didn't see what happened, he wasn't looking at the time. So now our insurance companies are going to have to fight it out and it looks bad for me since I hit the back of him. The cop said I may be okay since the guy admitted to not signaling before he cut me off and that the cop was going to write that in his report. No one got a ticket, although 'I' think the other guy should have got one for reckless driving and failure to maintain a safe speed and distance behind the car that was in front of him. It's just another thing that adds to my stress right now. Nope this is not good at all.

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