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December 28th, 2012, 12:16 PM
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I like this idea! I still scour boards for this kind of information from other ladies who got a BFP. It will be nice to have it centralized!
  1. What number are you TTC (First,second etc.)?
    This is our first
  2. How many cycles of active TTC before you got this BFP?
    6 cycles off birth control, but we were *sort of* avoiding, actively TTC for two cycles before we got our BFP
  3. Did you temp, use OPKs, check CM, chart?
    All of the above
  4. Did you ovulate regularly?
    It took my body a good 4-5 months to regulate after BCP. I had a couple annovulatory cycles, but pretty regularly ovulated around day 25-30 for the first 6 months. Then my cycles started getting shorter and I starting Oing around day 19-21.
  5. What was your strategy? OR What did you do differently this cycle?OR what is the one thing or cobination of things that you think directly contributed to this BFP?
    Last cycle I Oed so early that we didnt have much time to DTD prior. We ended up catching the day prior and the day of O. The cycle we got our BFP we DTD many days prior and everyday. I think we ended up doing -5, -4,-2,-1, and O day! Quantity over quality lol.
  6. Did you take a suplements, herbals? Special diet?
    This was the first cycle I tried Evening Primrose because I dont get much EWCM. It definitely helped as I saw a day or two of EWCM and GREATLY increased the quantity of watery CM at O time.
  7. What did your DH do to 'help'?
    Stepped up to the place every day! Ha!
  8. Any other words of wisdom for those who are TTC?
    We were unbelievably fortunate to not have to try very long. I know there are women who try for years and years and I cannot imagine how hard that must be. So I dont know that I can really give advice other than to be in tuned with your body. The fact that I charted BBT, CM, CP, etc and used OPKs made me feel in control and doing all I could do. So if anything, it helped me mentally.

Good luck ladies!!
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