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December 28th, 2012, 01:24 PM
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So hi I am going crazy here I am feeling a million things at the same time. At little background my husband I having been trying to concieve for 5 years had to go on a 2 year break because I got sick. We were going to starting TTCING again starting January 2013 my ob/gyn said to call him the first day on my cycle and we are supposed to start clomid for the first time since I have PCOS (just lost 141 lbs). I have 34-35 day cycles on Christmas Eve I started to get some weird cramping so I decided to take a Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test and I got my first smiley face ever I never get positive ovulation test. I ovulated on cycle day 21 confirmed by temp and test. Since then this is what I have been feeling:

0 dpo- cramping, sharp pain on my left side
1 dpo- cramping, headaches, still pain on my left side, wet feeling down there
2 dpo- cramping, headaches, nausea (started late in the night), wet feeling down there, crazy dreams, the side of my boobs near my armpits little sore feels like I have been doing push ups.
3 dpo- light cramping, headaches, nausea, gassy pressure (omg it hurt) started late last night, insomina, crazy dreams, side of my boobs still alittle sore.
4 dpo- cramping finally getting better, still having headaches but they are getting better, nausea still on and off, i am so moody and tired I just want to stay in bed and sleep but I lay down and my stomach feels like a rollercoaster and the dreams are insane.

Please help I have never felt like this ever i dont even get cramps when I get my period or sore boobs. Sore for anything tmi but I dont know if this is natural or not? Am I going to get a bfp? Thank you!
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