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December 28th, 2012, 03:27 PM
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My intuition, right off, says at least 10 new members, at least 2 of whom will become integral members of the board.

I have an intuition that mid-year will be a stormy time for the board, not in people's personal lives but perhaps an energy of disagreement and drama hanging around like a bad smell. We will need lots of sensible calming influence. I see it leading to a clearing of air and a strong group dynamic though.

2 of our less active members will also pop up with interesting spiritual experiences to share.

Also pulling 3 angel cards for the board:

Azure - "Your desired outcome will occur in the very near future. Have patience and faith, and don't try to force it to happen."

Zanna - "You are protected from all types of harm. The worst is now behind you. I ask you to relax and feel safe."

Rochelle - "As you honor and follow the guidance of your heart, prosperity is coming to you now."

I feel that there will be dreams come true for at least three members this year involving a wedding and a court case. Members of the board will experience a sense of having more time or time slowing down for them as they integrate the energy shifts of this year. I also get the words PERFECT TIMING - things will run like clockwork in many of our lives. The board will really come to life midsummer. I hesitate to say the best it's ever been because there have been some amazing periods on here - but certainly "up there" - the particular mix of ladies will really bounce off each other, rally round each other, come up with some amazing spiritual thinking and learning, and forge lifelong friendships. This is something that seems to happen cyclically on this board. Finally one lady will come into a substantial sum of money unexpectedly. Many of the other ladies will have good money luck throughout 2013.

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