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December 28th, 2012, 08:25 PM
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So my husband has been gone for only 3 weeks and it feels like its been forever!! He made it overseas to Bahrain safely, even though he was suffering from food poisoning the entire 22 hour flight! (Never eat a frozen burger from the airport USO). He is still waiting to start work so is bored to death, but luckily we can chat on Facebook all day and Skype some days....when Skype decides to work. But overall we are missing each other terribly. Thank God he gets to come home when the baby is born, even though it will only be a week or so! He's really sad that he's missing out on the pregnancy , especially now that baby is starting to move. Some days he doesn't even want to hear about it because it just makes him so sad :-(

But I have taken some steps to improve my life since he's left. I enrolled in school this month and I start on January 22nd. I've never gone to college but I want to be able to provide for my child and give it anything it would ever need or want. I just hope the baby doesn't come early, because the semester ends on May 17th and I'm due June 2nd!! I'm so excited that next Wednesday I might get the find out the sex of the baby, so stay tuned because I'll post it up with pics when I know!!

I just want to thank all you ladies for reading my posts and being so nice
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