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December 28th, 2012, 08:52 PM
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OH! I suppose I should also fess up to this: As part of solving this issue I also fed my son formula.

See, he was always on me and was very hungry. And he was also very tense and would go WILD when he was hungry. I mean, truly feral. For about 1-2 days I gave him an ounce or two of formula after each feeding so that he would be more relaxed at the start of the next feeding. I could hear the Le Leche groups screaming their rage, lol.

But it worked. I would pump while my husband fed him the bottle or immediately right after. My son realized that he was getting full and became more relaxed. We also did baby massage as the time got closer to his feeding. The results were that he calmed way down, his jaw loosened, and I could start training him to a deeper, better latch. From the time that we finally got the right latch up until I went back to work he was 100% breastfed. Once i went back to work he was 90% breastfed (stupid pumping, lol).

This is why I have mixed feelings about the free tins of formula they give you. I didn't get any because the hospital classified me as only nursing. My SIL gave me her tins. I would have hated to have to spend $10-$20 on a small tin of formula.

'Scuse the bad typing, please. 'Breast is Best' but not when browsing the internet!

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