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December 28th, 2012, 08:59 PM
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Years ago, I came out of my apartment and found that my driver side door was opened (turns out i forgot to lock it *sigh*). I had absolutely nothing of value in the car. I did have a bunch of broken old chargers that I was going to take to a friend to see if any could work for them (but kept forgetting to). Those were gone.

I checked my cassette player (OLD car) and found out that my Air Supply tape was gone.

"JERKS!" I said to myself.

Later I found the tape tossed in a disgusted manner in my back seat, lol. What's wrong with Air Supply, robbers? Still, it was hard to be too mad considering that they essentially cleaned my car for me.

I hope your insurance will cover everything. Thieves and vandals are some of the lowest scum there is.

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