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December 28th, 2012, 10:13 PM
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I initially planned to write this post on DD bday the 26th but of course me and photobucket do not always get here it is.

So I had a picture perfect pregnancy with DD( I swear the big man planned it that way so I would have more babies) No MS, no heartburn, I felt like a million bucks the whole time even when I went 9 days overdue...YES 9 days I was still shopping walking around like I didn't look like a house. I remeber people asking oh when are you due and I would answer oh _ days ago and to see the horror on their face was hilarious! The Dr. wanted to induce me the Monday after Christmas( christmas was on a thursday) I said no! If this baby doesnt come by Christmas you are taking her the day after. So here we are the 26th driving to the hospital 25 miles away at 6 am to be induced the roads were crappy and slushy...little did I know I was already in labor contractions 3-4 minutes apart. I remember my stomach kept getting hard but I just thought that if it didnt hurt it wasn't a contraction! I was still put on petocin(sp?) and about noon or so they broke my water then I wanted drugs!! I could feel the contractions then I wanted my mommy and then drugs when I couldn't bear it anymore so about 1 pm they gave me nubain(sp?) and I was knocked out within seconds( I guess when you dont take medicine hardly at all drugs work really good) and I took a good nap about 3 hours which I needed. Of course the night before my dog was really sick and kept us up all night apparently he had too much christmas dinner! When I woke up I was in the worst pain ever!!! I realized a bit later that the pain was a really bad contraction and I was actually pushing & holding my breathe. Let's just say the nubain did not make me a very nice person. I was yelling for more meds and the **** nurses wouldn't give me any because I kept passing back out but I could feel everything it was horrible! Once I realized that I had been pushing I told the nurses to get the dr. because I was about to have this baby, of course they didnt believe me. so they checked me and said oh my call the dr., they called her a few times and the neo dr's too bc DD pooped inside(lil nasty girl lol) Clearly they thought I was lying! I can remember them whispering like I couldn't hear them it pissed me off really bad and I yelled at them I CAN HEAR YOU..poor nurses! I would ask them to help me to the bathroom then I would get a contraction while they were trying and I would yell at them to stop touching me..bhaaahaaa! I'm sure they talked a whole bunch of crap about me but I didn't care. Finally my Dr arrived, it was pushing time! Well since I didnt pee when I started to push I sprayed the dr pretty good so my husband tells me, he said it was so funny because she took cover under the big plastic tarp. That is a good story! Ok so I pushed for about 30 minutes and in between pushes I would pass out, I mean snoring and all and then when the next contraction came I would push again then pass out, over and over. I could hear them saying that the babies heart rate was dropping some and if I didn't get her out they would use the forceps...I remember thinking dear god I DO NOT want a cone head baby PUSH MELISSA PUSH! I was giving myself a peptalk and I swear my eyelids were inside out I was pushing so hard. Finally Dr. snipped me bc clearly the baby was not coming out. One snip and boom there was baby..".a BIG GIRL" the Dr. said with question in her voice, DD was so big they couldn't believe she was a girl! 6:46 pm Friday December 26, 2008 Kiley Catherine Crawford was born 9lb 20.5 inches long and a GIANT head thanks to DH. Healthy as can be, no need to the neo Dr.'s aspar score of 9. To think back to that day and all the pain that was so easily forgotten as soon as I held her. The most genuine love is weird because I never imagined being able to love someone that much right away, it is magical really! So here we are 4 years later and I do have an awesome daughter she sure test my limits but at the end of the day it is hard to even remember my life before her! Here are some pics from when she was born until now.

Me at 39 weeks:

Day before she was born:

Fresh out:

In the hospital:

First day home:

1 week old, 1st pink outfit:

After a bath just a few months old lol:

More pics:

oops I forgot these!


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