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December 28th, 2012, 11:05 PM
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Wow 5 years you are one strong woman!! And 141 pounds!! That's amazing you should really be proud of that. I had gastric bypass and it took me 3 years to shed the 158 extra pounds I had gained in 2years. It's wonderful but the extra skin makes it hard to enjoy, hope it's better for you. But on to your question. First let me say you did everything right opks( cb digi is the best btw) and temping and your bd schedule was great O-2,0-1 and O day which is perfect and I think makes ff if you have VIP membership give you a excellent for a score. If you are using fertility friend you should hurry and post a few more posts so you can add a link. So as for your symptoms.. Right now any and all symptoms are due to the presence of progesterone in your body and unfortunately not pregnancy. Since you have pcos you probably have not had too many of these 2wws with symptoms but welcome to the wonderful world of symptom spotting. It's normal to have increased cervical mucous,breast tenderness,fatigue etc. These are all caused by progesterone which dominates the second half of your cycle, but it is very promising that your progesterone levels are high enough to give you such strong symptoms bc high progesterone is necessary to have a normal length luteal phase and support a pregnancy. Implantation takes place anywhere from 6-12dpo days 7-9 being the most common. Implantation is necessary for hcg to start being produced and start symptoms directly related to being pregnant. So to summarize it sounds like it's all very promising you ovulated on your own and are producing a high enough level of progesterone to make very notable symptoms now the waiting game starts. If your symptoms increase by 10dpo and continue through to 13 or 14 dpo and your temps stay high then you should test. Don't test too early as you may get upset unnecessarily. After implantation it takes about 72hr for enough hcg to create a pos test and even then it may be light. You have an amazing story and a lot of promising signs for this cycle. I wish there was a way to tell at 4dpo whether there is a good chance but there really isn't . Please KUP and join the ttc or ttc 6months plus board there are a lot of women who can answer all your questions and we all know how agonizing the 2ww is. Thoughts and prayers going to you that the new year brings a bfp!! Hth xoxxo Bri
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