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December 29th, 2012, 08:00 AM
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DH was in the Navy for 5 years, but he was on shore duty when DD was born. I'm so sorry he can't be there for your pregnancy! I had some major family stuff going on that started a week after he left and didn't improve until a week after he came home. I drove 700 miles round trip alone every weekend. No way around it. Deployment sucks. Could you video your ultrasounds on your phone or something and send them to him? Or Skype on your phone during the u/s so you can find out the sex together? DH's favorite thing I did for him while he was deployed was send him stacks of index cards with a little note on each- something I love about him, a fun memory, something I was looking forward to when he came home, and you could include things like reasons he will be a good dad. I would send one for every day left in the deployment and about 20 extras so he could have an extra boost on a bad day. I did it once when we were still dating and had to do it every time after bc he just loved it. I think for him, it was a way to receive love from me even on days when packages didn't arrive or when we couldn't talk bc the phones were down (almost always on the ships he was on for some reason) or email had been shut down for a scandal (happened several times, too...yikes).

I hope the time passes quickly for you both, tho I know it seldom does. Hang in there! And military wives have to be the strongest wives and moms ever, so I know you can do this! Go you!
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