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December 29th, 2012, 08:26 AM
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Originally Posted by MamaSkunk View Post
I will be buying a much more expensive pump this time and hope that will help with supply issues but Im not holding my breath that I will even be able to get this one to latch.
I exclusively pumped with DD (tried direct BF and she always just went to sleep, I would try to wake her up to no avail, so I would get my shirt back on and at that moment, she would wake up screaming to eat. Then repeat. Over. And. Over.). I was determined that she would get breast milk for the first year. The first pump I had was the Medela Pump in Style. That one breaking after 2 mos was a blessing in disguise. Medela shipped me a new one, but I needed something right away and wanted a slightly bett one. I bought the Medela Freestyle (returned the pump in style they sent me for store credit at BRU) and the difference was amazing. I got prob 30% better output and didn't have to pump as long. I was religious about pumping and did it for about 15-20 mins, 8-9 times a day, including one night pumping session for the first 6 months. I pumped s much more than she needed. We froze the excess (long story about rotating the frozen) and by 8 mos, I had enough milk in the freezer for the next 4, so I was able to quit. That pump was the main reason. I will tell you that at the beginning, I got VERY little pumping. Not enough for even half a bottle, but over a few weeks, my supply beefed up. When I weaned off the pump, my engorgement was so bad I had to see a dr and get on birth control to dry up. They had never seen anything like the mess my boobs were and none of the traditional stuff like cabbage leaves worked even a little. They were also shocked that I had so much output. Apparently, that's not normal for exclusive pumping. I think it was the pump combined with the vigorous pumping schedule. I plan to do style same thing again. Sorry this was so long. Just wanted to share my pumping tips with you. Good luck this time around! I hope it works out the way you want this time!
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