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December 29th, 2012, 07:51 AM
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So I know it's important to gain weight for the health of the baby, in my head. But I just got on the scale and posted my first weight gain- 1.6 pounds- and am panicking. I have no problem watching my belly get bigger, but the number on the scale terrifies me. My aunts and cousins all got HUGE after having babies and I am terrified that it will happen to me. With DD, I lost 11 pounds by the time I was 12 weeks curtesy of hyperemesis, so I wasn't really stressed about gaining weight for a while. I was almost to my third tri before I had gained it all back. This time, I really didn't lose much to speak of (2 pounds) and now I have posted the gain over what I was at the start. I know I have been eating garbage, but it is the best I can do right now since I feel so sick a lot of the time. I guess I have to get a handle on that, but I am freaking out. I also had a major weight loss effort this summer where I lost 13 pounds bc I had let my weight get out of hand and my clothes didn't fit.

Anyone else completely freaked yet by weight gain? I feel like a nut case.
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