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December 29th, 2012, 09:56 AM
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I know this is very late but figure better late than never

Went to the Dr on the 19th of October, he stripped my membranes to try to get me to go into labor on my own before he went on vacation in a few days. He mentioned that I would spot/cramp so when I started having spotting and cramps Friday night I thought nothing of it. All Friday night I was awake with cramps but still never thought anything about it, since I had never went into labor on my own and had back labor with my son I had no idea what was going on. We woke up Saturday morning and went to the gas station for a pop before we went to my son and stepdaughters flag football games. DH joked with the clerk that he was going to have me run laps to get the baby out. Get to my son and stepdaughters football games, watch my stepdaughters game. Move the chairs etc over to the other field to watch my son's game. I was sitting with my mom and dad since DH was a coach for my sons team and was on the field. We were sitting and laughing, joking around and then all I can describe it as is a "vaginal fart" I look at my mom and go "OMG my water just broke" still had about 10minutes of my son's football game left. My dad takes off running onto the field to get DH and ends up screaming "ANDREW HER WATER BROKE" so DH comes running over and i tell him we have 10mins left of the game I am not leaving. Game gets over still not hurting at all, come home to get the bag and decide to goto the store to buy snacks. spent 1-2hours walking around the store because I was still not hurting bad so figured I was still very early. Finally get to the hospital and checked in. Nurse checks, I was 4cm and goes "Oh my what do we have there?" she says she is going to page the doctor. At this point I am contracting every 2mins. About 10mins later my dr comes in and checks me, I am now 6cm and contracting strong every 30-45secs. He says the babies hand is above his head and tells them to prep an OR. At this point I loose it and bawl, everything happened so quickly, I was from being admitted to in the OR within probably 30-45mins. They wheel me to the OR and I am laying there scared to death, finally DH comes in the room and sits beside me I look and go Have they started yet? which of course they were about to pull him out at this point. He comes out crying and I bawl praising the Lord for my take home baby. DH and Isaiah leave to go to the nursery and they tell me they will call up to the OR with weight, height etc. After what seemed years they called and he was 6lbs 14oz and 19.5inches long

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