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December 29th, 2012, 11:24 AM
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My daughter would NOT latch. She screamed like crazy everytime I brought her up to the breast and would latch for 5 seconds and pop off. She lost over 10% of her birth weight because she wouldn't take a bottle either and I ended up pumping and finger feeding for about a week but I constantly brought her to the breast. it worked best when she was sleepy, but it was a rough rough road. I just wanted to add about the pain, that sometimes as baby's mouth get's bigger it gets much less painful. Nursing was excruciating for a month or two with DD and no one could find anything wrong with her latch (and no tongue tie). They said her mouth was just very small and true enough as she got a big bigger nursing became much less painful.
Although it takes awhile for nursing to be very comfortable, it can and does happen! Obviously making sure baby is being fed is number one priority. I just wanted to say that despite numerous struggles, thrush, tons of pain we were able to establish a great nursing relationship. Having a great lactation consultant was key (and a cooperative baby is always helpful )
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