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December 29th, 2012, 11:47 AM
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1.What number are you TTC (First,second etc.)? #2

2.How many cycles of active TTC before you got this BFP? 2nd cycle when we first started (loss at 7 weeks), then 6-7 months with a wonky pregnancy with D&C at 9 weeks, for this pregnancy now it was our 3rd cycle. First cycle we prevented, 2nd was NTNP, 3rd cycle was a Clomid cycle that I had been waiting to do for awhile

3.Did you temp, use OPKs, check CM, chart? yes to all

4.Did you ovulate regularly? In the beginning of trying yes, after first m/c no. Ovulation on a specific cycle varied widely and sometimes I didn't at all

5.What was your strategy? OR What did you do differently this cycle?OR what is the one thing or cobination of things that you think directly contributed to this BFP? Going to have to say it was the Clomid for me.

6.Did you take a suplements, herbals? Special diet?Just prenatals, fish oil and extra folic acid. As for diet, just tried to eat more healthy in general and had few alcoholic beverages.

7.What did your DH do to 'help'? I told him that if I was taking Clomid that BD'ed every other day within my fertile period was a must

8.Any other words of wisdom for those who are TTC? hang in there! It's all worth it in the end

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