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December 29th, 2012, 07:24 PM
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Originally Posted by MarylandMama View Post
Thanks for all the support. I appreciate the encouragement and it's nice to know I'm. Not the only one. It may seem crazy to freak out about a small amount of weight, but if you saw the people, especially the women in my family, it would make perfect sense. They all used to be really thin, much thinner than I am, and now they're all really obese. And they all have serious health problems. I have been really preoccupied and stressed about the number on the scale since I was 11, so watching it go up at all, especially after kicking my butt to lose weight this summer. Thanks for being so great, ladies!
Obesity is about your food choices and activity level, not what other women in your family weigh. I understand not wanting to gain too. Much but your post come across as an unhealthy obsession. Ian by most people's view a Heath nut. Food is fuel for my body and I believe everything I eat impacts me. I also choose to use moderation. If I want a periodic sweet or junk food, I eat it. Life is about balance and enjoying what little time we have here and prolonging our time yakking heathy choices.
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