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December 29th, 2012, 07:26 PM
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He's E4. No IA just a year billet. But he's not planning to reenlist so they will most likely extend him to finish out his 4yrs, which will be another 6 months. He actually volunteered for an IA to Afghanistan last year but it got cancelled of course, which he was really upset about. So he's just harbor patrol. But since he just got out there this month he has to go through a training academy, and they delayed it for nearly a month! So he is bored to death out there now. It really stinks. He's miserable out there and I am here. Living with my parents is so insanely difficult, and I am considering moving to my mother in law's. It will break my mother's heart but I'm at the point where I have to do what's best and what's healthy for me and the baby.

Oh and I live in Crete right now. It's about 30 miles south of the city.
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