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December 29th, 2012, 08:57 PM
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Originally Posted by MerinSun View Post
Ugh, get a different lactation consultant! The one assigned to me at the hospital kept telling me that the latch was perfect and that everything was going well. I kept showing her that my nipple was coming out pure white and completely flattened but she said that was normal! NO WAY! I had to do a bunch of searching online and I found a series of videos and message posts of women experiencing the same thing and it was obviously a clamping issue (baby is essentially biting down with their gums and limiting how much milk is getting out and so want to nurse more which makes the whole thing incredibly painful). Once I began pressing down on his chin and doing the "flipple" my milk flowed much more quickly and freely. This meant less time nursing, quicker food, and his jaw relaxed and the pain stopped.

I'm confident that I'll have an easier time nursing this one but if it hurts again I intend on making a nuisance of myself with the various LCs in my area until I get it figured out.
This was the only lactation consultant at our hospital. I could go see her for free anytime I needed her and I really liked her a lot, but I just couldn't ever get the results at home that she was able to get in the office. I used the nipple shields for months. I had a love/ hate relationship with those things. When I tried to ditch the shields, DD would never get a good latch. It seemed like she only had the actual nipple in her mouth. I too fell victim to the free formula. I caved and supplemented around 4 months. Then mostly pumped due to the pain. I will probably refuse any free formula this time around just in case I have a weak moment. I am going to give it all I have this time around. I won't give up so easily!! (Fingers crossed)
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