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December 30th, 2012, 08:56 AM
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Oh man is it back. I had nausea up until about 16 weeks, and with that absolutely no desire to eat. There were days I had to force myself to eat something. Nothing sounded good, and vomiting didn't sound like much fun either. Until then I'd lost weight - 6 pounds - since becoming pregnant. My doctor wasn't concerned per se, but she didn't seem too pleased either.

But just in time for Christmas, my appetite is back. So very much back. I feel like all I've done in the last week or so it eat. And not necessarily healthy, either. My 6 year-old likes to remind me that it's okay, because the baby gets hungry too, but ugh ... I need to find a middle ground!

Anyone else suddenly find their appetites after not eating much in the beginning?

PS: As I type this I am munching on part of a Symphony chocolate bar that was in my Christmas stocking. At 10am. Because it was sitting there, daring me to. =\

Oh and the baby seems to approve of the chocolate. He/She is in there somersaulting from the feel of it. lol
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