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December 30th, 2012, 10:58 AM
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Ohh you asked his rate, not his rank haha. I can't read on my phone. He is MA, security forces. Pretty much stands post all day long. He'll at least get to stand post on a boat in Bahrain, kind of like a coast guard. He's only 2 years in but doesn't want to stay. He enjoys it sometimes, but it just wasn't what he expected. He originally wanted to be EOD, but couldn't because he had such terrible eye sight. So they stuck him in MA. He decided he is just going to try and get into the reserves and go back to school, although he can't decide what for. I try to be strong most of the time but, there's always times where I'll be sad and miss him. I enjoy being a military wife and wouldn't mind if he reenlisted, I just want him to do what makes him happy. So we'll see what happens
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