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December 30th, 2012, 02:54 PM
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CD 13-14 dpo
Still nothing to report. No symptoms really except occasional nausea but I'm sure that's pms... My breast hurt every now and then again pms. Nothing else that sticks out. I'm thinking over my last pregnancies I didn't have any symptoms that stuck out till later in the pregnancies. No breast tenderness, no peeing alot, and nothing else that sticks out that I can remember. I'm just going to test tomorrow so I can get this over with. My Dr didn't call me Friday with my tests results. I guess I'm going to have to w8 till tomorrow for that as well. I'm eager to find out what's wrong r not wrong with my luck. I'm thinking of calling my psychic. She gave me 4 dates of events and so far she was wrong bout 1. Which of course is the pregnancy. She said Dec/Jan and Dec is out and can't be Jan cuz Dh doesn't come home till the end of Jan. I do remember her telling me at another time that she don't c me getting pregnant this year but we got cut off n I didn't bring it up again. Maybe something changed. Idk I'm just so tired y'all. My mind body and soul is tired with this pregnancy thing. Sometimes I just wanna give up but if I give up does that mean I'm giving up on God. Maybe having another child is part of God's plan. I'm also scared that giving up will hurt my Dh as well cuz he really want this. Ugh I hate that this is happening and there is no def answer to y its happening. I just want answers. Ttyl

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