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December 31st, 2012, 06:22 AM
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Your little girl will get to be the little princess!! And she will be so well protected with three brothers!

I REALLY want a girl. But I'm pretty convinced this baby is a boy. Being that it's my first, I feel like I should be happy with either, but I've always wanted a little girl. And I think I'm afraid I may never get that if this is a boy. (Like will I have another kid or if future kids are boys, etc). I think part of me is convincing myself this is a boy so that I won't be upset if it isn't a girl. But based on how bummed I was when intelligender said boy, I really need to start working harder to convince myself! I want to be happy if it's a boy and then if it turns out to be a girl, I will be super excited. And I'm sure I will be happy no matter what because I just want to know! This next month is going to drag by!

I think it is normal for some people to have a preference one way or the other, though not everyone does, and totally normal to be disappointed if it turns out differently than what you had hoped. But either way, you will be so in love with that little guy when you see his face and this disappointment will be long gone by then! Don't feel bad or guilty for feeling this way, you aren't the only one!
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