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December 31st, 2012, 11:55 AM
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Thanks everyone! I'm hoping to get an 11 week pic up soon

Originally Posted by OceanGirl View Post
This is only my second. My first pregnancy, I was very tiny and did not show at all for a really long time. I could see a difference around 12 weeks but strangers did not start noticing I was pregnant until I was around 7 months. I am still fairly small now but I can already tell a difference in my stomach. It doesn't really look like a bump yet, but I can tell it is growing faster than last time. I guess we'll see!
How soon did you pop out with your first and second?
Not until 18-20 weeks with my first, and 16-18 with my second. but still it wasn't obvious to most people.

I'm pretty sure this pic was taken around 18 weeks with my second

I feel like that now at 11 weeks with #4!

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